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The Fiammenmghi Engineering was founded in 2002 as a mechanical design studio with an adjoining workshop for prototype construction and focuses on industrial design.

Given the passion for cars of the owner in 2009 produced its first outlet for a Ferrari 550, from that moment the interest for sports exhausts increases until you reach in 2014 with the building of the first complete system for Ferrari 575.

Development of high performance exhaust systems, components for dynamic sound and performance improvement of the car, it pays particular attention to design products that do not require permanent changes to the car so that you can restore the original system at any time.

The design of the entire product range, and the final production is done indoors while for machined components and welds are used by specialized firms in the area.

product quality is top notch, through careful design, the use of quality materials and precise workmanship, unrivaled in the field of sports exhaust systems.


In 1985, when the owner had 15 years, builds in the workshop of his father a single-seater racing F1 scale replica of Michele Alboreto, erecting a tubular frame in which installed a engine of Fiat 850 who converted to overfeeding and doing fiberglass bodywork, including mold.

In 1988, while attending the University, builds a prototype autocross 4 x 4 with a Maserati Quattroporte engine found in tubular trellis frame, built entirely with 4 years in local competitions which compete.

In 1990 he devoted himself to the design and construction of a V12 engine that also builds models for Foundry core boxes included, using the experience in his father's workshop and school studies.

in 2002 after graduating opens the task and so far has been involved in Offshore design of large machinery but never gave up his passion for cars continuing as a hobby to build high performance exhausts and special products for friends.