Selling conditions and ​Warranty

Selling conditions

The prices of individual products are ex-factory, in other words without VAT and shipping costs.
The shipping costs will be evaluated from time to time.
VAT tax notes:
- VAT applicable to private persons, all subjects of Italian and EU countries.
- VAT is not applicable to legal persons
- VAT is not applicable for all subjects of the extra EU countries


Exhaust systems warranty:
The guarantee is limited to the replacing or to the repair of the defective part, this affects those parts that are supplied by Fiammenghi Engineering.
Shipping costs and installation / removal or other claims for compensation for damages are not part of our guarantee.
The guarantee for the exhaust system is valid for 3 years and it start from the date of purchase, that is considered the invoice date.
The valves are under guarantee for 1 year.
Parts without authorizations for use on public roads are intended for races or track day use only. The use on public roads will be done at ones own risk and is not allowed by law.
Please noted that in general the use on public roads is governed by the laws of the country of circulation.
All our sports exhaust systems are designed on the basis of serial cars, every eventual modifications or other changes in design, which entail an increase in temperatures, as well as any modifications on our products without consulting us before, result into an immediate expiry of guarantee.